Daily Archives: 05/13/2006


My car, a minute after the accident

I guess my luck ran out today. I stopped at the 76 station in Anigua for a minute this morning, and my car, the beloved Blue Torpedo, got hit by a garbage truck. Mr. Rubbishman ran down my parked car. I was standing at the drink fountain when people started yelling excitedly, then my friend Mark said, “Tom, I think that garbage truck just backed into your car.”

I looked out the window and sure enough, the truck drive was standing next to my car, scratching his head. The garbage truck shoved the Blue Torpedo back about six feet, and the guy behind the counter piped up that he saw the whole incident. He said the truck just backed into my car, shoved it down, and pushed it back.

I walked out to take a look at the damage. For once this camera phone came in useful. I took several pictures at the scene of the accident. Here’s the extent of the damage; my front grill, the bumper and my left front quarter panel and headlight are all cracked up.

Cracked bumper and grille

Cracked bumper and headlight

So we waited around for a cop to show up and write up a police report, and the truck driver’s supervisor arrived. I wasn’t too pissed, the damage was pretty minimal, and I know the company’s insurance will cover it. The driver admitted he didn’t see my car as he backed up. I was a little worried about the suspension and front axle since he pushed my parked car back six feet, but it appears to be okay driving it around. I’ll get it checked out on Monday. Just another round of hassles dealing with insurance companies, police reports and auto mechanics.

Shikata ga nai, some days it just can’t be helped.