Daily Archives: 05/15/2006

Gunung Merapi Set To Blow

Looks like Gunung Merapi is just about ready to blow up. People are evacuating from around the volcano, the ground is rumbling, ash and gas are spewing from the caldera and it looks dire. I hope people get out of the way, and Borobudur is safe from harm. The ancient stupa is about 10 miles from the volcano is I remember correctly.

Anyway, this guy is blogging from near Mt. Merapi. I think I’ll keep an eye on his weblog for the next few days.

Yes, We Have No Bananas

Funny, that’s the first thing that popped into my head when I read this story about the crisis in banana cultivation.

Seems all bananas grown today are the same variety, the Cavendish. And the Cavendish is threatened by a nasty fungus. This is a danger because the modern banana is seedless and is reproduced asexual, limiting genetic diversity needed to combat this fungus. The kicker is the entire genetic diversity of bananas is limited because wild varieties are nearly extinct.

Yes, we have no bananas
We have no bananas today…