The Wrong Guy

I heard this on NPR this morning and I couldn’t believe it: The BBC put the wrong guy on television last week as a guest interviewee. Literally, they put the wrong Guy on television. After the decision was handed down on the Apple vs. Apple case last week Guy Kewney was scheduled to appear on air to discuss the verdict. When the production assistant went out to the lobby and called for Guy, Guy Goma, a job applicant got up and answered the call. Imagine his surprise when he was whisked into a studio and put live on the air. No wait, no need to imagine, here’s the video of Guy Goma fumbling his way through the interview. Look at the expression on his face when he realizes he’s on the air and mistaken for somebody else. It’s absolutely priceless. The UK newspaper the Mail on Sunday has the transcript of the interview and puts it succinctly. Face of Horror.