Daily Archives: 06/04/2006

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Tick TockTomorrow is June 5, and GEDCA’s about to lose $800,000… Yes, tomorrow the loan used to finance Max Havoc comes to term and it looks like Guam will be left holding the bag. The Guam Economic Development Authority thought it was a good idea to offer up $800,000 as collateral to John Liang and Rigel Productions to produce this boondoggle of a movie. And now it looks like he is going to default on the loan.

Well, I’m not surprised. I don’t think anybody is surprised at this. As far as outrageous GovGuam scams go, this was actually small potatoes. I’m surprised nobody in GovGuam has fallen for one of those Nigerian 419 scams… Oh wait a second, what am I saying? Of course somebody did.

Miss Transit

KUAM ran a few interesting stories this week on the pitiful state of Guam’s Mass Transit. With the price of gasoline creeping ever higher, KUAM’s Clynt Ridgell bought a mass transit bus pass and got a first hand taste of how it sucks to ride the bus on Guam. First day he waited and waited and the bus never showed. Second day he had to cross four lanes of high speed traffic since the bus won’t actually stop at the designated bus shelter.

Sounds like my experiences with the bus. I’ve stood and waited for a bus that’s never showed. Sorry that doesn’t cut it with me; I got to get to work in the morning, not sit by the side of the road. Guess I’ll be gearing up for a test run on my bike into town. I used to do this all the time from Yoña, but that was 6-7 years ago and during a much fitter phase of my life. Plus I had ready access to a shower at work. Now I’m in a different office and it has no shower. Hmm, maybe I’ll just be stinky at the office all day.

Fuel Recovery Surcharge

I got into a discussion this week at work about GPA and whether they were using a hedge fund to smooth out fuel fluctuations for power generation. Somebody was saying that GPA already did this, and I doubted it. Seems like I was right. Looking at the power bill from GPA this month, almost 60% of the bill is for a fuel recovery charge inserted to recoup the power authority for the rising cost of oil. GPA is currently looking to implement a fuel hedging scheme, but to me it seems like too little too late. The power authority ought to be exploring renewable energy production for the island, but I know that will never, ever happen.

By the way, the conversation that included this talk of fuel hedge funds started with a discussion of Denny’s and their enormous hamburgers. Simply the biggest hamburgers ever eaten by man on Guam. In fact, we got a picture of one from lunch that day:


To Catch A Predator

I caught this disturbing NBC Dateline program this week, To Catch a Predator, where NBC and a pedophilia watch group called Perverted Justice snared dozens of men looking to have sex with minors. The members of Perverted Justice pretend to be minors online in chat rooms and give these men directions to a house rented by NBC. Once there the men are confronted by reporter Chris Hansen in a series of bizarre and distasteful interviews before being arrested by waiting police.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this whole affair. Sure these guys are creeps who deserve to be arrested, but I feel like NBC has crossed some ethical Rubicon here. The members of Perverted Justice, working with NBC, were deputized by the police to meet evidentiary requirements in Ohio. Should a network news agency be actively entrapping people and working in collusion with law enforcement authorities? Seems I’m not the only one troubled by this new arrangement between networks and law enforcement. I makes me uneasy to see this blurring of the line between government and the fourth estate, especially when it is done to sell shampoo and potato chips.

Of course it makes one wonder how literature’s most famous pedophile would come across on network television.