Fuel Recovery Surcharge

I got into a discussion this week at work about GPA and whether they were using a hedge fund to smooth out fuel fluctuations for power generation. Somebody was saying that GPA already did this, and I doubted it. Seems like I was right. Looking at the power bill from GPA this month, almost 60% of the bill is for a fuel recovery charge inserted to recoup the power authority for the rising cost of oil. GPA is currently looking to implement a fuel hedging scheme, but to me it seems like too little too late. The power authority ought to be exploring renewable energy production for the island, but I know that will never, ever happen.

By the way, the conversation that included this talk of fuel hedge funds started with a discussion of Denny’s and their enormous hamburgers. Simply the biggest hamburgers ever eaten by man on Guam. In fact, we got a picture of one from lunch that day:


2 thoughts on “Fuel Recovery Surcharge

  1. Sazia

    That burger looks unbelievable! There will be no satisfaction from eating that. Just a helacious state of indigestion!

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