Miss Transit

KUAM ran a few interesting stories this week on the pitiful state of Guam’s Mass Transit. With the price of gasoline creeping ever higher, KUAM’s Clynt Ridgell bought a mass transit bus pass and got a first hand taste of how it sucks to ride the bus on Guam. First day he waited and waited and the bus never showed. Second day he had to cross four lanes of high speed traffic since the bus won’t actually stop at the designated bus shelter.

Sounds like my experiences with the bus. I’ve stood and waited for a bus that’s never showed. Sorry that doesn’t cut it with me; I got to get to work in the morning, not sit by the side of the road. Guess I’ll be gearing up for a test run on my bike into town. I used to do this all the time from Yoña, but that was 6-7 years ago and during a much fitter phase of my life. Plus I had ready access to a shower at work. Now I’m in a different office and it has no shower. Hmm, maybe I’ll just be stinky at the office all day.

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  1. Sazia

    Crazy as it may sound try “Baby Wipes”. Service members out in field conditions can keep their bodies clean in extreme heat conditions with these things for weeks at a time. Just keep some at your office and you’ll be able to refresh yourself as clean as a baby’s bottom. Those wipes are made to handle some serious smelly explosions, so you’ll do just fine challenging them with your bike trips. Be careful. I used to cycle 5 to 7 miles a day and my legs quickly dwindled down to sticks. Your calves are gorgeous so don’t slim them down too much alternate toe and heel pressure!

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