Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Tick TockTomorrow is June 5, and GEDCA’s about to lose $800,000… Yes, tomorrow the loan used to finance Max Havoc comes to term and it looks like Guam will be left holding the bag. The Guam Economic Development Authority thought it was a good idea to offer up $800,000 as collateral to John Liang and Rigel Productions to produce this boondoggle of a movie. And now it looks like he is going to default on the loan.

Well, I’m not surprised. I don’t think anybody is surprised at this. As far as outrageous GovGuam scams go, this was actually small potatoes. I’m surprised nobody in GovGuam has fallen for one of those Nigerian 419 scams… Oh wait a second, what am I saying? Of course somebody did.

2 thoughts on “Tick Tock, Tick Tock

  1. islandgirl

    who got popped falling for a Nigerian 419 scam! I need a good laugh today.

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