Kurt Moylan And The Nigerian 419 Scam

I was hoping somebody would ask about who was silly enough to fall for a Nigerian 419 scam on Guam. Let’s go ahead and rescue this trusty little gem before it gets tossed down the memory hole.

Kurt Moylan, former Lieutenant Governor, father of current governor Kaleo Moylan and owner of Moylan’s Insurance, was contacted by by Nigerian Benjamin Okafor in 1994 and Moylan fell for the scam. Okafor, claiming to be a representative of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), with access to an excess $20 million in the corporation’s bank accounts. He dangled the lure of an $8 million kickback in front of Moylan if he submitted a fraudulent invoice for a $20 million contract to the NNPC. Oh, and Moylan would also need to submit $1.35 million in administrative fees to make it look legit before the Central Nigerian Bank would release the millions. Moylan was initially suspicious, but agreed to the scheme after meeting Okafor in Hong Kong.

The FBI got wind of the deal when they noticed large transfers of money from Moylan’s account to a bank account in Viriginia belonging to Nigerian Ihedinachi Uzodinma. They froze the account and charged Uzodinma with wire fraud and conspiracy. The court ruled that Moylan was complicit in the scam and not entitled to restitution of the siezed funds. Moylan’s run in with the Nigerians cost him $1.3 million, most of which was taken by the Federal government from the Virginia bank accounts. Okafor was not apprehended remains at large.

It is worth reading the entire decision in which Moylan tried to get his money back from the Feds. He got scammed by the Nigerians and then burned by the Federal government when they refused to give him back his $1.3 million.

4 thoughts on “Kurt Moylan And The Nigerian 419 Scam

  1. islandgirl

    Did he use Guam tax dollars to pay for his trip to Hong Kong to visit Oakfor? (He was Lt. Governor of Guam when he fell for the scam, right?)

    So if the Feds didn’t take Moylan’s $1.3 million for being complicit, then Okafor just would have got it, right?

    This really is a sad, sad tale.

    I wonder why Moylan thought he had a right to his money back. He must really, really be stupid

  2. islandgirl

    It’s been so long since I read “1984”, I forgot about the Memory Hole.

    I liked George Orwell’s “Down in out in Paris and London” better.


    Wow I use to date Ihedinachi Uzodinma back in the 80’s he was going to Medical School o be a gynecologist …damn what happened Ihedi.

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