Daily Archives: 06/07/2006

Movie Roundup

It’s been a long, long while since I mentioned any movies on this sight so I thought I’d post a little bit on some recent movies I watched at home and on DVD:

  • The DaVinci Code – Yes, I broke down and went to see this movie last Friday. What can I say? It was just as silly as the book, albino killer monks for crying out loud. I guess some people will like it, but it seemed like a spiritless enterprise to me. Tom Hanks was wooden, Audrey Tautau looked embarrassed, and Jean Reno was completely wasted. Find all that talk of Knights Templar and the Holy Grail fascinating? Then read Umberto Eco’s marvelous novel Foucault’s Pendulum instead.
  • Domino – A bloody, incoherent, violent train wreck of a movie. Didn’t make much sense, but it looked like everybody enjoyed making it. I honestly thought Mickey Rourke was dead like a decade ago, and this movie did nothing to dispel that notion. The way he shambled around on screen I expected him to start moaning “Brains, brains” at any moment.
  • 2046 – ‘One of these three is not like the others…’ A beautifully sad, poignant film, mesmerizing and rapturously shot. It is a series of love stories revolving around one man and 2046; a room, a year, a memory, a destination, and ultimately one fascinating movie. It takes a second viewing and knowledge of In the Mood for Love, Kar Wai Wong’s previous movie, to piece together this tesseract of a film.