Why No Pinch?

I have to agree with Jimbo, this is an awesome commercial. The ride if freaking ugly, but that commercial is genius.

And kudos to Doug for pulling out Bonnie Anderson from the nether reaches of my mind. Most excellent recollection of a dim and cloudy semester spent under the spell of Dan Shea’s monotone. God, my memories of her could have stayed lost in my subconscious, along with visions of Kirino’s cack showing up in my inbox…

“It appears to have pincers, like a crab or something…” Good God man, I remember that day. I remember the expression on Dan Shea’s face too, absolutely priceless.

1 thought on “Why No Pinch?

  1. Jimbo

    Since I too received that picture, I have been trying to convince myself that was actually not what Kirino wanted us to think it was. I have done well to now believe that it appeared to have crooked nobs, like a sweet potato or something.

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