Guam Roundup

Let’s take a quick troll through the headlines of our local papers and see what’s caught my eye:

  • Camacho Orders Mass Transit Pilot Program – Marianas Variety, June 5, 2006. The government of Guam initiated a program to upgrade the island’s mass transit program last week. Yeah, mass transit sucks on Guam.
  • New Technology Traced To Guam’s ‘Jungle Rot’ – A Canadian company developed a new process for creating ethanol using a fungus first identified on Guam during World War II. The fungus Trichoderma reesei produces large amounts of an enzyme which breaks down cellulose into sugar, a vital step in the creation of ethanol.
  • Election Follies – It is only June and already the political climate is warming up around Guam. Looks like the race for governor is going to be a nasty one.
    1. Last Thursday Carl Gutierrez spoke to a Rotary luncheon crowd at the Hilton Hotel. Gutierrez recapped his two terms in office and explained his motives in running for governor again. Once the floor opened for questions, former US attorney general Fred Black stood up and opened fire on Gutierrez, asking question after question about the former governor’s involvement in the Oracle database debacle, GTA privatization and his family’s involvement as government consultants. It apparently degenerated into a name calling shouting match between the two public figures, something I would have loved to witness.
    2. Sunday saw another round of guerilla action against Democratic hopefuls Bob Underwood and Frank Aguon. Their campaign headquarters in Hagåtña was peppered with paint ball pellets, suspiciously right around the time Carl Gutierrez was holding a massive rally just up the street. This follows a spate of vandalism and thefts against Underwood’s campaign signs around the island.
    3. Jeff’s Pirate’s Cove could be the next governor’s mansion? It could happen. Local entrepreneur Jeff Pleadwell and his wife Rossane are looking to run as independents on the gubernatorial ticket.
  • Max Havoc Loan Defaults – Well it is official; Guam is out $800,000 for Max Havoc. Comerica bank told GEDA on June 6 that they had taken the agency’s collateral for the movie since no payment has been made on the loan. Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. It’s funny how now people are questioning why GEDA rushed to provide the collateral for the filming of Max Havoc, especially since filming was already underway. More and more folks seem to be realizing that this was a confidence job, and we got scammed.

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