Daily Archives: 06/21/2006

Alaskan Volcano

I mentioned the lucky happenstance of the space station capturing the Mt. Augustine volcano erupting in the Cook Inlet of Alaska a couple weeks ago; now via Derek Miller’s redoubtable Penmachine blog, here are some more great pictures of this photogenic mountain.

See Mt. Augustine at Flickr

These photos come from a great photo set on Flickr by AKDave, a professional photographer for an emergency services department in central Alaska. Sounds like an exciting job to me.

See Mt. Augustine at Flickr

There’s even a webcam on the island to catch the eruptions. Cool.

Whale Bomb

How could I have missed this over two years ago? In January 2004 the corpse of a sperm whale exploded in the Taiwanese city of Tainan, covering onlookers and vehicles in blood and gore. Wow.

The whale was being transported to the local university for an autopsy when the belly erupted due to decomposition. That picture is just nasty; the scooter and the street covered in entrails. Wow.