Alaskan Volcano

I mentioned the lucky happenstance of the space station capturing the Mt. Augustine volcano erupting in the Cook Inlet of Alaska a couple weeks ago; now via Derek Miller’s redoubtable Penmachine blog, here are some more great pictures of this photogenic mountain.

See Mt. Augustine at Flickr

These photos come from a great photo set on Flickr by AKDave, a professional photographer for an emergency services department in central Alaska. Sounds like an exciting job to me.

See Mt. Augustine at Flickr

There’s even a webcam on the island to catch the eruptions. Cool.

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  1. momo

    Hi, I always enjoy reading your stuff but this picture is certainly the most beautiful. Your links are always so interesting. I am Japanese SF, living in Tokyo, who likes to travel a lot, including Guam. Keep posting the good stuff!

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