Daily Archives: 07/08/2006

Gigantic Japanese Orgy

I come across some weird links out there on the internet, like this one featuring a 500 person orgy in Japan. Suffice to say, this is not exactly safe for viewing at work. Apparently all 250 couples are synchronized their activities like a Busby Berkeley porno. That’s a lot of naked people doing the nasty in one room.

And just for the hell of it, here’s a slurry of photos featuring Jessica Alba in a bikini. Amen to that.

Slacker For Life

So I was pleasantly surprised to hear that money really doesn’t buy happiness, since it looks like I will never be making the big bucks because I started working during a recession. Poor me, thinking that hard work and honest effort were their own rewards. Guess I’ll always be a Slacker…

Speaking of that seminal movie, Salon has a nice write up about the movie and how well it has withstood the test of time after 15 years. Richard Linklater has gone on to other things, but he still has a soft spot for the disaffected and unemployed. The long delayed A Scanner Darkly opens this week in limited release, and I’m looking forward to it. Of course it is the quintessential type of movie that never plays on Guam. But there’s always video; and Slacker is available on DVD now too. Cool.

It’s A Wet One

We got us a nasty storm today on the island today. A tropical depression is forming into a tropical storm right on top of us, bringing scads of rain, lots of wind and turbulent oceans.

I skipped paddling this morning because I reckoned nobody would be heading out in this mess. Hell, I’m not even going to boonie stomp today; I’ll just try and catch up on some stuff around the house and maybe watch a couple DVD’s instead. If the power stays up that is, it’s gusting pretty hard.

At least I’m not in Okinawa. They’re about to get slammed by typhoon Ewiniar.