Stormy Weather

While I wait for the storm to coalesce above me, here’s a spectacular photo from the AP:

Lightning strikes in the high desert north of Phoenix, Ariz., near the community of Crown King Thursday, June 29, 2006. Lightning is to blame for dozens of new wildfires across the drought-stricken state but rain has helped keep many of the fires from getting out of hand. (AP Photo/Tom Hood)

Oh yeah, it should go without saying, but check out the weather links I have collected in the sidebar. Look under the Guam and CNMI category for the Joint Typhoon Warning Center out of Honolulu, National Weather Service station in Tiyan, and the NOAA weather satellite images for Micronesia and the Western Pacific.

1 thought on “Stormy Weather

  1. Yuvonne

    Nice picture! I would have loved to hear the thunder that followed. Does paddling for several months now have your palms thick and blister free? Hope you enjoy the break of staying in for the day. I get to indulge more in the End of Faith, since I’ve finished Undead & Unwed–another vampire treat!
    I also agreed to play Monopoly after the kiddies exhaust themselves flippin’ on the trampoline in the rain. Until then, I’ll lend an ear to the Doobies’ It Keeps “you” Running and linger on it awhile..

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