Boss, boss! Dee Plane! Dee Plane!

So I spent the morning paddling canoes today. We raced from East Agaña to Two Lover’s Point and back, finishing in a respectable 1 hour 43 minutes. Not bad for a canoe full of rookies and juniors. We overtook four canoes in the race and we were bearing down on a third. Not bad at all. As we were sitting around under a canopy for the awards presentation, people started shouting “That plane’s gonna crash! That’s plane’s coming down!”

Sure enough, about 1000 yards up the shore a small single engine Cessna was coming down. The pilot did a good job ditching the plane, kept his nose up and dropped it down onto the water. I took off running up the beach with other paddlers as the plane crashed into the water. By the time we ran up there some guys on jet skies for one of the marine sports places had reached the plane and pulled out three people, all apparently uninjured.

Certainly not something you expect to see every day. I figure the engine must have stalled out because the plane made no noise as it came down.

3 thoughts on “Boss, boss! Dee Plane! Dee Plane!

  1. Josie

    I SAW that plane in the water on my way home, and almost pulled over to find out what the heck was going on. By then it looked like all the rescue units were there. I am amazed no one was injured! Good job, Pilot!

  2. Merm

    I saw it too, in Tamuning right? I almost hit someone else craning my neck to look at it.

  3. Merm

    Oh, I guess that’s not Tamuning yet (I was coming from Tamuning), so that was in East Agana, okay.

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