Daily Archives: 07/18/2006

Rolling Through The Local News

It’s another rainy day, so let me hit some highlights on the local news scene:

  • Governor Raises Minimum Wage – Stop the presses! Felix Camacho raised the minimum wage from the abysmally low $5.15 an hour to a princely $5.75. Wow, Daddy Warbucks would be proud. And it doesn’t take effect for another year. By that time gas ought to be hovering around $6.00 a gallon. It would be cheaper just to stay home…
  • Six Chinese Caught Sneaking AshoreSix Chinese guys scrambled ashore at Urunao yesterday from a small boat registered in Saipan. I can only assume they were looking for a zeppelin.
  • Hiker Dies From Heart Attack In Mangilao – A 46 year old man hiking with his three children and nephew along the Taguan Coast by Mangilao Golf Club suffered a heart attack Sunday and died at the bottom of the cliffline. The kids were rescued late Sunday, while his body wasn’t recovered until daybreak Monday morning. Boy, that just sucks.
  • Gasoline Rises Again – Shell Oil is raising their prices tomorrow. $3.40 $3.39 for a gallon of gas? By Jove that’s just too high a price to pay. I’m serious this time. I’m checking out that bike tomorrow. Time to start cycling around instead of driving.
  • Tropical Depression Developing – Tropical Depression 06W is developing nicely right on top of us. It’s raining like crazy right now, and it will probably continue through tomorrow. For the latest check the National Weather Service office for tropical cyclone forecasts.