Farewell To A Faithful Friend

Apple PowerMac G3 MTWell, I am just about to bid farewell to a faithful friend; my trusty Beige PowerMac G3, which I purchased back in 1999, is pretty much dead. I think it was the power outages this week that did it. It just won’t boot up. I hear the power come on, the fan starts blowing on the power supply, but the familiar startup chime never sounds. It will not boot, and I suspect the logic board is fried again. I am not going to attempt a repair this time. Since I bought the iMac G5, the trusty G3 has been relegated to back room status as a file and web server, and not even the primary one – that’s the job of the dual PIII Linux box running Xubuntu. And hey, OS X breathed new life into that tired old box for a few months. It’s just not worth the effort scrounging up parts for that old box.

Like I said, I have successfully resuscitated the G3 before. Back in 2002 I replaced the logic board, power supply and video card, basically replacing most of the guts of the machine. And it worked great for the next four years, so no complaints on that front. It was a trusty G3. Even though it was only 300 Mhz, it still played MP3’s and surfed the net like a champ. It was the first brand new Mac I’d bought since 1990, spending most of the 90’s trolling through eBay for older machines. (Like my Frankenstein Quadra 950; 3 monitors – including a Radius Color Pivot– on that honking beast, plus 3 external SCSI hard drives, external SCSI CDRW, SCSI Zip drive, SCSI flat bed scanner, ImageWriter ][ – which I still have – and a HP DeskWriter. God what a behemoth.)

Apple PowerMac G4 SawtoothAnd now I have a lead on a G4 Sawtooth tower somebody wants to unload. Hell that will run Tiger instead of Jaguar like the G3, and he says it is loaded with RAM and a big hard drive. And as I think anybody can tell, I am a sucker for collecting older computers, and this one sounds like it might actually be useful to me with a big internal hard drive. Say hello to my new file and web server. One era closes, another begins…