1. I won a free tank of gas today! How cool is that? Thanks Hit Radio 100 and 76 gas stations. Saved me $45 this afternoon. I only wish I’d filled it up with the super unleaded.
  2. This is good for a chuckle or two; Yeti@Home. I especially like the bit about “Download Version 1.00 of YETI@Home for: Windows, BeOs, OS2, Linux, Amiga Workbench, Atari ST, Altair, TRS-80, Vectrex, Babbage’s Difference Engine, Palm Pilot, Sega Genesis and Timex Indiglo (sorry, not available for Macintosh).”
  3. I went to see Clerks II yesterday. It was crude, pretty stupid, and gut busting funny. Here’s a review from James Dobson’s Focus on the Family website. It makes me pine for the good old days and the wonderfully succinct movie reviews in the Catholic newspaper we received, Pink Panther – MORTAL SIN, Star Wars – CONDEMNED, The Exorcist – oh yeah, CONDEMNED.
  4. As far as condemned movies go, I watched Corpse Bride a couple nights ago. It was quite enjoyable. Tim Burton is a twisted genius who needs to make more puppet movies.
  5. What is this, a real life Da Vinci Code? The body of one of a powerful member of Opus Dei movement has been found under a bridge in Italy, mutilated and badly beaten. Gianmario Roveraro disappeared two weeks ago after a meeting of his local branch of Opus Dei and was reportedly being held for a €1 million ransom.
  6. Saturday’s paddle was a real Marlin Perkins kind of morning. We paddled north past Two Lover’s and met a pod of dolphins off Tanguisson. They played and swam with us for a half hour as we worked our way northward, and it was magical.
  7. Speaking of the ocean, the large swells made me think again about using all that wave energy to generate electricity. Jeff McIntire-Strasburg over at Sustainablog is thinking along those same lines. Using the ocean to generate power is a tempting idea, but it will require lots more research before anything viable is attempted. The power in those swells though, if we could harness that for our needs.

4 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Ramona

    Hey Thomas, congratulations on the free gas. I’ve got a question about your canoe paddling. I’m interested in that for my daughter-in-law. She would like to try that while she is here visiting. Can you tell me how and where she could get hooked up?

  2. Thomas Post author

    Tell her to come down to Matapang Beach Park. My team, Imua, paddles on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 pm, at Matapang. We will be going out tonight. There is a race this coming Saturday at Merizo Pier, but we usually go out on Saturday mornings too. We are a new crew, with people of all skill levels. And we are growing. From barely one canoe two months ago, we had three full canoes on Tuesday night.

    Have her call Rick Appleton at 477-7807 or 688-6105. He is our coach/captain and he can give her the full lowdown on practice times and stuff.

  3. Ramona

    Thanks Thomas! I’ll give Rick a call. I saw this message too late for today. But it sounds great.

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