Gotcha Again

This week I managed to capture two flowerings of the plant outside my front door, which I think is a pitaya, a species of cactus known as Hylocereus. It last bloomed in 2003, and it is starting to produce flowers again. These gigantic flowers only bloom at night and last just one evening, wilting away with the dawn. The blooms are called moonflowers or the Queen of the Night. It is certainly a dazzling flower, though it must be a lonely plant: I have yet to see a single fruit result from these flowerings.


They are large flowers, here is my hand for comparison:

Holding the Queen of the Night in my hand

Like I said, the cactus bloomed twice in one night. Here is the other flower, dangling over the balcony. Right after I took this photo, a moth flew right into the flower and engaged in a little plant porno. Boom-boom-chicka-bow-bow…

The other moonflower

There are two more buds forming on the cactus, I’ll take pictures of their development and eventual flowering.

2 thoughts on “Gotcha Again

  1. chez

    Hiya!Just browsing the web and saw your pics. I have had the same plant for about 6 years and in the last year it has flowered about 6 times at the moment i have 7 buds ready to flower hopefully tonight :)

  2. Viki

    I also have the same flower started blooming last year. This year we have at least 7 flowers. Thanks for sharing the lovely picture. Do you think I can cut this flower and keep in a vase?

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