Three Plus Months Of Declining Page Hits

I switched from Blogger to WordPress a little over three months ago now. And while I am pleased with the switch, it looks like people are losing interest in my little slice of the internet. Page hits are down, markedly down since I switched to the new website and blogging software. A rather precipitous drop in fact.

12 Month's Visits

Oh well. I will continue trudging along. I suppose a large part of that for the past few weeks comes from the continual outages from Dreamhost. Apparently my hosting provider is having severe network snafus, and power outages to boot.

I don’t think I am extraordinarily vain, but it is a little distressing to see the ever increasing readership peak and then plummet. Makes me wonder if I am growing stale. Then I realize most of those hits were just random Google searches and not any sort of regular readership. This new layout does not have the archive links the old page had down the side, which means once something slips off the front page Google can’t follow links to find it anymore and that content is no longer included in the great and all knowing Google Dance. I guess I better look into adding those links back if I am really serious about increasing my page hits.

4 thoughts on “Three Plus Months Of Declining Page Hits

  1. Josie

    That you also changed your domain name might also have something to do with the decrease in page hits. Readers may still be subscribed to your old site’s feed.

  2. islandgirl

    I love your site. I’m listening to some Short Wave Number stations because of you.

    Please don’t go.

  3. Thomas Post author

    Yeah, it was probably the domain change that is at the core of my dwindling hits. I like better though, despite the three weeks of flaky availability. Dreamhost is still cooler than any other hosting provider I’ve tried.

    I’ve added an archives page though, and changed the permalink structure on the website. This ought to make it easier for me, you and the mighty Googlebot to trawl through my site. I’m hoping this will reverse the trend. Another thing I need to do is scour through the archives and expunge all the references to my old website(s) – replace all the and links with internal links. I have to pull all the graphics and multimedia files over from the old domain too, and all this is something I haven’t had the time to do yet. That domain expires in December though, and I am not renewing it. So I better start thinking seriously about finishing off this migration.

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