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Did Hell Just Freeze Over?

So now suddenly Pat Robertson is sidling up to the godless environmentalists and liberals in his acceptance of global warming? Is this some sort of joke? Not two weeks ago he ran an interview with Senator James Inhofe, implying that environmentalists were in league with Al Queda and sacrificed babies to Satan, to say nothing of conclusively proving that the Lord Almighty did not see fit to cause global warming. Guess that’s a 360° in world view, or maybe a change of heart. Anyway, welcome aboard Pat, though I don’t know how assassinating Hugo Chavez will reduce global warming, your welcome to try.

Stirling Solar Power

I mentioned it a couple years ago, but it looks like the initial pilot project for Stirling Energy is about to be authorized by the state of California. Eventually Stirling Energy will operate one of the largest solar power facilities in the country, a 500 MW, 4,500 acre behemoth in the countryside around Victorville, CA. At this stage however, plans are for a pilot project of 40 Stirling solar collectors instead of the projected 20,000 that will dot the landscape.

Stirling engines are cool. I really wish something like this would come to Guam, we get lots of sunshine. And wind too.