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GovGuam Health Care Woes Continue

The new rates for GovGuam health insurance were published this week, along with the news that the AG will not sign the rates and intends to force the insurance companies to re-negotiate. I just wonder why GovGuam doesn’t just bite the bullet, pay into Medicare for the retirees and solve this problem once and for all. It is the tremendous cost of health care to the ever increasing and ever aging government retirees that drives the rates into the stratosphere.

Sad News

I got a shocker this evening at paddling; the Mermaid Tavern, home to Guam’s only microbrewery, burned down last night. That’s just terrible news, I’m really bummed out about this. Apparently it started last night after closing, some sort of electrical fire.

I was just thinking of stopping by the Mermaid on Sunday. I’ve spent many a good evening at the Mermaid, regrettably not since I stopped drinking. I hope they recover quickly since I’ve started having the occasional beer – and they have the best beer on the island.