One Last Thing On This Pluto Business

Skimming through the internet, I’ve seen all sorts of complaints about Pluto’s demotion, and last week there were all these complaints about the addition of more planets. I don’t get the problem here. People didn’t complain when chemists isolated the periodic table of the elements did they? Or where there protests about how all we really needed was the original four?

1 thought on “One Last Thing On This Pluto Business

  1. Sazia

    So where are we headed? If they’re going to go there, then step it up! It should not just stop at Pluto! What about the upcoming observance of Columbus Day and Thanksgiving? If we’re attempting to make new accounts and publicize digesting the truth. Howard Zinn has a great way of putting it in “A People’s History of the United States 1492-Present”. I’d like some fuss about regurgitating those events and exactly what should be celebrated..if anything!

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