Daily Archives: 09/06/2006

The Crocodile Hunter’s Last Moments.

Well the internet is just alive with stories about Steve Irwin and his last moments. Nothing like a celebrity’s bizarre and grisly death to capture everyones morbid fascination.

Curiously, Monday I watched Grizzly Man, Werner Herzog’s documentary on Timothy Treadwell, the bear enthusiast and environmentalist who was eaten by Alaskan grizzly bears back in 2003. What an odd synchronicity to finish watching that movie, then read about another wildlife filmmaker dying in the field. Guess it bears repeating that wild animals are dangerous and unpredictable creatures.

Now some bloggers are laying the blame on the Discovery Channel for sending these people into harm’s way to seek fame and celebrity. Isn’t that an indictment upon ourselves though, since the Discovery Channel is only responding to our demands for more Shark Week, more up close with dangerous animals?