Daily Archives: 09/08/2006

Hero of Battle of Saipan Dies at 80

Guy Gabaldon, a Marine who singlehandedly got over a thousand Japanese soldiers to surrender during the Battle of Saipan, died last week at the age of 80 in his Florida home. He was known at the ‘Pied Piper of Saipan’ for his actions during the US capture of the island, including one day in July 1944 when the 18 year old Marine private captured 800 Japanese soldiers.

Gabaldon’s exploits were immortalized in the 1960, Hell to Eternity, starring Jeffrey Hunter. For his actions Gabaldon was awarded the Navy Cross.

Hot Hot Toolbar Action

Okay, I don’t use Internet Explorer very much, I prefer Firefox when I am at work and I must use Windows. But today I downloaded the new Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer, and it is pretty damn cool. If I used IE all the time, I’d definitely go with that instead of the Google Toolbar. Just saying… They’re both pretty cool. But Firefox kicks ass. Especially with Adblock Plus and the Filterset G – I literally never see a single ad – even those annoying Flash ads that take over the screen. Just never happens. Throw in Fasterfox and Tab Mix Plus – web surfing at it’s finest. And these are just scratching the surface, there are thousands of cool extensions for Firefox like Greasemonkey, Performancing and StumbleUpon.

Bah, I babble. There’s football on right now…