4 thoughts on “links for 2006-09-27

  1. Yuvonne

    Hello Tom,
    CJ has the plastic bin of T’Shirts for the Boonie Stomping folks that have completed ten. There is a slip in there with your name on it. Is it possible you earned another T-Shirt besides the one you received this past Spring? If so, the Boonie Stomping folks would like to know if you’d like to pick it up or have them drop it off to you somewhere so they can remove the slip and account for your award of yet another shirt.

  2. Tamera

    I was looking for information on Arcturus and came across your page. You just sounded so interesting and well traveled, I just had to say hello. I am an older return student in college right now, I will graduate in May 2007 with my AS degree in American Sign Language, and hope to transfer to a university for my BA in Communication Disorders/Interpreting, with a minor in English also, as I am a writer. I have traveled a bit, but not to Guam before. What made you decide that was where you wanted to be? It sounded like you had visited or something and knew you would love it. If you care to write, I would love to hear more about your travels and interests, just someone to chat with if you have the time. I get pretty busy with homework, but I have a bit of free time. Email me at saucywench24@yahoo.com, if you care to, plus you can check out my profiles page (under website) for a pic of me.

    Thanks, and hope to chat soon.


  3. jac

    hey tom!
    pat told me about your blog and i came to check it out. you’ve been neglecting it, huh? maybe this is not the one you visit daily. i hope you don’t forget about joe john’s birthday. have a good one man. that was so funny when sean responded to that text message. lol.

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