Catching Up

So what then? What have I been doing to fill the hours away from my computer? Simple really.

I spent a great deal of time this year in canoes. And I loved every minute of it. By late September/early October, I was paddling every day, mornings, evenings, sometimes twice a day. Still am paddling everyday, though schedules are a little messed up during the holidays. With the new year comes a firmer resolve to push my paddling to the next level. Off island competition, perhaps trying out for the Guam National Team.

Yeah, running. And I hate running. But I started jogging before paddling, trying to lose some more weight and increase my stamina. Before I knew what was happening, I was running miles and miles every day. Started doing 5K runs, then a 10K a few weeks ago before I was sidelined (more on that later). I knew something was up when I was driving home late one night, a little tipsy, and I muttered to myself, ‘I am really starting to dig running.’ Uh oh.

Yep. I fell off the wagon. After over a year without a drink, I started up again. And I made up for lost time kiddies. I’m not exactly talking Bukowski here, but I’ve been raging for a while now. It’s good to go off on a bender every now and then, and I’ve been on several lately. ‘Well I have been drunk now for over six weeks | I passed out and I rallied and I sprung a few leaks…’ I’ll probably be tapering off after the holidays though, as I kick up the training regimen in 2007.

Well, it’s been busy at the old office, and the new offshore office. But I don’t like talking about work. So I won’t tarry here for long. Got a trip to Manila this year though, and a couple people under me. Next year promises more of the same. I’ll keep y’all posted as things develop.

Well I go slammed by some crazy infection this year. What started out as a bug bite turned into a nasty boil, then multiplied on my legs. Yes, the infamous Guam sores hit me hard folks. Basically these are virulent staph infections that affect lots of people on Guam. Let’s just say the water isn’t the cleanest in some locations (cough cough Boat Basin cough cough). Most of September and October I was on antibiotics, trying to clear out the infection. A couple guys on the paddling team also got slammed by the bacteria, one ended up in the hospital in Hawaii for a week on an IV he was so bad. I thought mine was vanquished, but late November/early December the sores came back, my lymph nodes in my groin became hard and painful and I fell into violent chills and fevers for a few days. The infection got down into my bones apparently and I almost got stuck with an IV. Luckily the horse pill antibiotics worked and while I still ain’t feeling 100%, I am feeling much better. My lower leg is still tender and a bit swollen, so I haven’t been running is a few weeks. I stayed out of the water for a couple weeks too, though I am paddling again now. I’m hoping the leg heals up soon, I am really twitchy for a run.

That’s about it. Now you know what I’ve been up to, or at least the part that’s safe for public consumption. I leave the rest up to your imaginations. Probably start off the new year with a post on what I read, watched and listened to in 2006. And maybe plans/resolutions for the new year. One of which will be to continue blogging.