Daily Archives: 01/01/2007

Top 10 Movies

I promised a listing of memorable movies, books and music from the past year. So here’s ten movies I found interesting or enjoyable.

  1. Akeelah and the Bee – Yeah, I think it was that good. An uplifting and enjoyable movie about spelling bees and kids learning valuable life lessons. Nothing wrong with that.
  2. Casino Royale – Finally a gritty, nastier Bond. It was a little too long, but it certainly kicked ass. After years with the effete Remington Steele guy, the new Bond actually looked like he could do some serious harm to people.
  3. The Proposition – A grisly and gripping drama of the Australian outback.
  4. Borat – Man, an ass whooping on America. He pretty much skewers everyone and everything about America in this picture. And that bare ass wrestling scene made me almost piss my pants it was so funny.
  5. The Fountain – Pretty much incomprehensible to most folks, and it ultimately sucked, but I did enjoy most of it and the ideas it broached.
  6. The Illusionist – A mystery, a romance, and magical, murderous plot. I found this movie completely enjoyable, much like a good heist film. I knew what would happen, but it was cool watching it all come together by the end.
  7. Dave Chapelle’s Block Party – Dave Chapelle is cool. This documentary/concert movie is cool. The music is cool. I wish I was that cool.
  8. An Inconvenient Truth – So the world’s melting. Al Gore makes his case over and over again.

Whoops. That ain’t ten movies. Guess it wasn’t exactly a banner year for films. And I didn’t go to very many movies this year.

And of course a list that needs no introduction, the crummiest movies I saw all year:

  1. The DaVinci Code – zzzzzzz
  2. X-Men III – Loud, stupid, summertime sequel crap.
  3. The Fountain – yeah I know I said it was good. But the end really sucked, especially when all the creamy white goo spurted from the tree of life. That was just ridiculous.
  4. V for Vendetta – pendantic, and far too self important for an action movie.
  5. Inside Man – I’m starting to loathe Denzel Washington as much as Tom Cruise and Nick Cage.
  6. Crank – this just sucked. Absolutely the worst film I actually paid to see all year.

I seriously think this is every movie I saw this year, including a couple I caught on DVD because they never made it to Guam.

Happy New Year

I hope your 2006 was happy and fruitful and warmest wishes for a wonderful and prosperous 2007!

Here’s to the bright New Year
And a fond farewell to the old;
Here’s to the things that are yet to come
And to the memories that we hold.