Daily Archives: 01/05/2007

C & K

Caught some of tonight’s Cecilio & Kapono concert at the Hyatt Regency ballroom. It was excellent, much like the other two shows I’ve seen before. I almost didn’t go because I am so jammed up at work right now, but I caught about an hour and a half of the show before I needed to head back to the office. Which is where I am sitting right now, waiting for a couple jobs to finish before the midnight cutoff when the batch jobs start running. And I’ll probably be here tomorrow too, and Sunday if I can’t finish some of these things off. But at least C & K was a good time tonight. I heeded the advice for those around me and went to the concert even though I wanted to stay at work and fume through the night. I guess I have a martyr complex that makes me want to do this shit. Anyway by the time I left I was ready to go. The seats in the ballroom were uncomfortable as hell and my butt was sore after a couple hours of sitting.