Daily Archives: 01/12/2007

Children of Men

If you read this blog, and you like it; then go drop what you are doing and go see Children of Men right now. It is a powerful movie, one that goes a lot deeper than the usual suspense thriller or dystopian futuristic movie. I’m not going to go into praising it; plenty of people around the interweb more skilled in versification than I have done so already. But I have to say it was really cool. The scene where Theo (not an accidental name, by the way) pays a visit to the upper class enclave is just haunting. First time I’ve ever heard King Crimson in a movie score before too. And there was a goddamn Pigs on the Wing hanging over the Thames at the end of the scene. Now that’s my kind of dystopia. It is a bleak, harrowing movie that I need to see again.