A One Man Sailing Canoe

Here’s an interesting option for the curious paddler, a solo canoe designed for both paddling and sailing. The Raptor 16 is based on Micronesian canoes apparently and it looks pretty cool. If I had the money I’d look into getting one. But I don’t, and I’m more interested in saving my pennies for a nice Fusion or Kaimana. A boy can dream can’t he?

1 thought on “A One Man Sailing Canoe

  1. Suzie Chalan Ayuyu

    Hey Thomas!

    Go for the Fusion. I recently bought a Chinese-made boat from dat other Hyped company. Pretty looking, but not so good on the finer details. Still trying to fix all the leaks. I won’t post my name here because it’s a small paddling community and don’t want the link backtracked to my name… (paranoid, maybe, but I always backtrack links to my webpage). Hopefully they’ll solve their production issues.

    Good luck with the impending typhoon. Sure don’t miss those. Do miss a lot of other things about Guam… Including you!

    p.s., saw Mel and Craig in CO recently. Cute kids.

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