Daily Archives: 04/12/2007

Swiss Prepared For Nuclear Holocaust

Not only do they make nice watches and tasty chocolate, the Swiss are also pretty darn good and making fallout shelters. Seriously big fallout shelters. One of those weird things you rarely hear about, but apparently Swiss law requires fallout shelters on new homes. And the municipal governments provide mass fallout shelters as well – visions of underground bunkers, full of Swiss morlocks making watches and explosive chocolates for the Mad Max overworld come to mind.

Andersen AFB Cleanup

Hey, I know about this! I know several people that work for Shaw Environmental that are working on this project. They are cleaning up this old WWII dump on Andersen that is full of airplane parts and heavy equipment. The military just pushed all this broken stuff over the cliffline at Urunao and covered it with dirt at the end of World War II. Now Shaw is leading the project to extract all these old airframes and construction equipment and restore the site. Cool.