2 thoughts on “Europe For Not Many Euros

  1. Steve

    Hey there little bro,

    Is this article written by a crazy person? I can tell you first hand that London is outragiously expensive! I hear that Spain and Greece are not too bad, but northern Europe and England are very expensive.

  2. Yuvonne

    Go for it! Season your soul with some of what you’ve read. Great towns and castles in Germany include Trarben Trabach; Bernkastel Kues, Cochem. Hike up to Burg Eltz. Just follow the Mosel. It has much to offer and preferred over the Rhine.

    Go see Mona in Paris, but don’t leave your dust in her face when you take more of a liking to the Gypsy murals. Skip the Eifel; it has as much to offer as the Arc in St Louie. Hell skip England you’ll see Big Ben when you fly by it. Take a pause in Notre Dame and have a moment to enjoy the history of the destruction and restorations of it. If there was a peace you’d wish upon something, you’ll find it in Normandy-Omaha Beach where our fellow Americans lie on the cliff side. See Berlin—Check point Charlie with museums revealing an incredible effort of the human mind to escape to Freedom. Walk outside Amsterdam Train Station on a Saturday and let the pigeons and free-spirited artists indulge you with their talent.

    Have some broodjen sandwiches, Schwarma, Bratwurts, pommes frites, and a real beer-heck have a whole barrel. Do Rome for sure, and Luxemburg, well if you must.

    Go see Europe knowing you have your little island to return to. See how a train system is supposed to work. Europe has the finest.

    Buy a 30 day Europass grab your main-squeeze, with a good map and just GO! Flying KLM is superb, but Continental can do the job almost as good.
    And never-ever take the boat rides, they are a waste of your time and money. Almost all can be reached by train, bus & foot.

    I miss you and I’m glad you keep your blog going. I’ll never forget the hikes I did in your presence; learned a lot about the island. I’m in Ohio now enjoying the culture shock.

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