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My father’s obituary. Thank you to all who have emailed and called, your caring and support are appreciated. I will be delaying my return to Guam obviously, but I have yet to finalize those details.

One thing I’ve learned, I certainly cannot afford to die anytime soon.

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Cutty Sark Burns

A sad bit of nautical news this week, as the Cutty Sark was gutted in her berth in Greenwich. The clipper ship was built in 1869 and sped tea from China and wool from Australia to English shops and factories.

Toddler Tramples Tibetan Tantric

A security video caught a small toddler in Kansas City wandering over to a sand mandala created by eight Tibetan monks, destroying in seconds what took two days to create. The monks were not upset by the setback and simply started over.

Check out the raw security video of this kid. Probably the best part was the intro on the local news tonight, when the talking bobble head called the monks Tibeetians.

On the Road

I am in Florida right now folks. Sorry for the light posting. Busy at a conference and now visiting family. Not had much of a chance to follow the news, but I see gasoline is spiking across the country and on Guam too. Perhaps not the best time for me to purchase a truck…

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This is a Test

I am trying out ScribeFire from within FireFox. Pretty nifty stuff.

Sample photo

Just trying out the image uploading features as well. Pretty nifty again.

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Requiem For A Dream

One week ago it fell apart. I’m still picking up the pieces, but if I go, it will be solo. The men’s team voted to not go to Samoa last week. After months of hard work and preparation, our numbers dipped too low to sustain a full team for the games and we tossed in the towel. I am disappointed to say the least. I’ve spent most of the last six months training for this event, paddling every day, running, swimming, Pilates, weight lifting and more doing more paddling. And now my only option is to pursue the solo va’a races. I’m not giving up, but this is a major disappointment for me. All the rest of the team mates seem to have this ‘what the hell, we can just try again in 2011’ attitude, but that’s really not an option for me. I’m 38 years old, not 20 like the rest of the men. I can feel my age in my bones. This was my swan song, and I’ll never get a chance to sing it again.

Oh and this is my personal opinion folks

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