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Requiem For A Dream

One week ago it fell apart. I’m still picking up the pieces, but if I go, it will be solo. The men’s team voted to not go to Samoa last week. After months of hard work and preparation, our numbers dipped too low to sustain a full team for the games and we tossed in the towel. I am disappointed to say the least. I’ve spent most of the last six months training for this event, paddling every day, running, swimming, Pilates, weight lifting and more doing more paddling. And now my only option is to pursue the solo va’a races. I’m not giving up, but this is a major disappointment for me. All the rest of the team mates seem to have this ‘what the hell, we can just try again in 2011’ attitude, but that’s really not an option for me. I’m 38 years old, not 20 like the rest of the men. I can feel my age in my bones. This was my swan song, and I’ll never get a chance to sing it again.

Oh and this is my personal opinion folks