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From the Halls of Montezuma

To the Shores of Tumon Bay…

The Marines are coming folks. 8,000 of them. Whether Guam wants them or not, they are coming because Japan doesn’t want them anymore and Uncle Sam can push around the territory’s government a lot easier than the Japanese now. And the Japanese are willing to pay big bucks to get rid of the Marines too. And the US government is very interested in developing Guam and an ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ to counter a belligerent North Korea and the surging Chinese military interest in the region. And since Guam is a US territory with minimal representation in Washington DC, it is a great deal easier to deal with than Japanese or South Korean governments.

The Chicago Tribune ran a very good article on the coming invasion last week, and my sister is mailing me the article. But it is also available online, with a couple interesting videos. Or should I say one interesting video on the Pangelinan property next to NCTAMS and another not so interesting video of the Umatac fiesta. Check it out folks.

Continuing with the theme here… How about the Marianas Variety’s articles last week on the secret 1945 US memo on how Guam’s development and administration were subordinate concerns for the military in lieu of military decisions. Not a lot has changed in over 60 years I am afraid.

Development is kicking into gear for this planned relocation. New housing is being laid out, along with new infrastructure, and thousands of workers being recruited from the Philippines and American Samoa. An interesting rumor bouncing around the island is how the Leo Palace development near my place in Manenggon Hills is up for sale, and Dick Cheney is going to lead a group of investors in the purchase the property and then lease it to the military for housing. It was pooh poohed at first, but now I don’t know. Seems more like all the time.

And the big Marine move is scheduled to start in 2012.