A Flame Tree By Any Other Name

When I was in Fort Lauderdale last month, my sister was constantly referring to the poinciana trees and how amazingly beautiful they were. When she finally pointed one out to me, I took one look and said, “That’s a flame tree.” And so started a brief argument about what to call these trees. They are exceedingly common here on Guam, and we call them flame trees. But they are also known as poincianas, so I guess we were both right.

And yes, it is a beautiful tree. Strikingly beautiful.

4 thoughts on “A Flame Tree By Any Other Name

  1. john cole

    The photograph was taken in Oaxaca, Mexico in the Plaza of Agaves outside the Church of Santo ?Domingo de Guzman and the Casa de Cultura on Alcala Street.

  2. Lisa @ Oahu Mom

    I grew up on Saipan so I know them as flame trees as well, but here in Hawaii everyone gives me a blank stare when I say ‘flame trees.’ I’ll try ‘poinciana’ and see if people know what I’m talking about.

  3. Thomas Post author

    Just as a follow up, I was recently in Las Vegas and stayed at the Westin there. The Westin Casuarina. I knew what a casuarina was, it’s a type of conifer tree, also known as ironwood. And when I mentioned Westin Casuarina to my sister, she was baffled by the word and repeated it several times. And she honestly never heard of such a thing. She didn’t have another word for it at all this time around.

  4. Margarita

    all those are comon names, all different in every country or region.
    what I see there is a variety of acacia, blooming beautifully, and then full of long seed “cases”?? sorry do not the correct word

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