Reforming Healthcare Redux

Alternet put up an interesting story about fixing the American healthcare system. Go ahead, read it.

While I am thinking about it, the island rumor mill was abuzz with the news that the Seventh Day Adventist were approached by Pete Sgro to develop a private hospital on the island. The Adventists are already on the island, running the SDA Clinic for many years. Pete Sgro has been very active for the last year in developing a second civilian hospital for the island, a quality alternative to the morass that is Guam Memorial Hospital.

And in another bit of local healthcare news, Guam was awarded almost $500,000 in federal money to improve the island’s health care system this week. The money is to strengthen programs against major epidemics and bioterrorism. I guess we will get some money for bird flu prevention now. Maybe we need something to combat the zika virus too.