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Taliea and I went to the movies on Thursday. We saw Ratatouille. And it is really good. Go see it folks, I give it two thumbs up!

Though that climactic scene with all the rats in the kitchen made my skin crawl…

Let Me Heap Praise Upon My Phone

I am techno-gadget geek kind of a guy; I’ve got multiple computers, ethernet in my home; wireless hubs and a couple cellphones. Yes a couple cellphones. Long story short; my old phone died last fall (after taking a swim in the Guatali River-Boonie Stomp casuality. I loved that Sanyo 8100) and I needed a phone ASAP since I don’t have a home phone anymore. I grabbed the cheapest phone at IT&E as a replacement. Unfortunately two days before the demise of my Sanyo phone, I had ordered a replacement phone – a Palm Treo 650 off of eBay. So I ended up with two phones. And the coverage for the GSM Treo is terrible non-existant in Yoña, but it has all the features I want and works in town. So at night I forward the Treo to my other phone and talk it up in Yoña.

And what a phone it is, my cheap ass Kyocera K10. It ain’t much to look at, but it works everywhere on Guam. It’s a simple phone, no camera or computer connectivity, but it does have one killer feature that makes it valuable: A built in LED flashlight. I cannot express how useful this flashlight is, I use it all the time. And I’m not the only one, Taliea had the same phone and loved it, my friend Vic had the phone and loved it so much that even after he broke the phone, he still keeps it in his truck to use as a flashlight.

And sorry for the lack of posts – or the lack of anything but stupid link lists. Been quite busy lately.

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