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Late January, 2008

While I am waiting for my indigestion to go away, so random musings:

  • My Treo 650 is kaput right now, but it can be repaired. The damn thing’s ear phone jack has gone haywire and I can’t hear anything on it anymore. Of course it is out of warranty, so I’m looking at FedEx’ing the damn thing to Northern California for a guy to repair it for $80. I really like my Treo though. I’m using a Razr I picked up last summer while in the States and I am not pleased. Though the Razr has iTunes on it, and a nice speakerphone.
  • Got in an accident today. My front bumper needs to be replaced. Not even a year old and my truck has been in two accidents already. Counting my PT Cruiser’s run in with the garbage truck, that’s three accidents in two years. Made for a tough day.
  • Tillamook’s Udderly Chocolate is the bomb.
  • Happy Birthday Taliea. I love you.
  • Playing around with some different themes. Sorry if it looks a bit off.
  • Lorelei. Lorelei. Lorelei. February 11 is right around the corner.
  • Farting around with PostgreSQL and Firebird on my iMac these days. That EnterpriseDB install was incredibly painless.

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Happy New Year

So how’s all one of you doing these days? Anybody still checking this page out?

Just wanted to share a photo of what I’ve been up to lately…