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So we are both a bit sleepy these days. Lorelei is keeping us up at nights, hopefully she starts sleeping a bit longer. Right now she wakes up around 4:00-5:00 most mornings and doesn’t want to go back to sleep after feeding. Never would have thought that a girl who ain’t even ten pounds could wipe me out so thoroughly.

She went to the pediatrician for the first time yesterday. In three weeks, she has put on a whole pound, and almost three inches in length. Girl is growing like a weed.

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Now That’s Cool

One thing I’ve discovered while feeding the baby in the early morning hours; television sucks at 4:00 am. No surprise there. An endless succession of infomercials and bad reruns populates the cable netherworld at those hours.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to discover something that I never really thought about before. Seems like the major networks are putting their programs up on the web these days. And not just clips or highlights – entire episodes are available to watch, commercial free. And some even sport entire seasons and even multiple seasons. I guess it’s time to finally watch Lost. And Heroes. I’m currently working through a show I’d never even heard about until last week. It’s a post apocalyptic show called Jericho, sort of in the vein of The Day After miniseries. A town in Kansas survives a nuclear attack and the troubles that appear afterwards, from disease and fire to out of control armed government contractors (a la Blackwater). I find it amazing the lengths networks will go to in their efforts to keep stuff off Youtube. Hats off to them though, it’s perfect for a geek with broadband and sporadic television watching habits.

Nope, Sorry. Didn’t See It

I got a couple people from off island asking me if I saw the B-2 bomber crash yesterday. Sorry, didn’t see it, didn’t even know about it until they asked me this morning. I was at a birthday party on the beach yesterday and nobody mentioned it there either. Or if they did it wasn’t with me. Folks mostly want to talk about babies with me and Taliea right now for some reason.

Andersen AFB is about 10 miles north of where I live and work. I rarely get up to the northern end of Guam in my daily life, though I do see the military aircraft on approach over Tumon and Tamuning all the time.

With the new baby I am not exactly staying on top of all the news feeds these days. I spend my down time napping mostly.

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Lorelei Videos

Here are a couple little videos of Lorelei I took on my camera phone last week.

This first one is in her car seat after visiting the doctor on Wednesday.

And this one is from Sunday morning, while she was sleeping in her bassinet.

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