Now That’s Cool

One thing I’ve discovered while feeding the baby in the early morning hours; television sucks at 4:00 am. No surprise there. An endless succession of infomercials and bad reruns populates the cable netherworld at those hours.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to discover something that I never really thought about before. Seems like the major networks are putting their programs up on the web these days. And not just clips or highlights – entire episodes are available to watch, commercial free. And some even sport entire seasons and even multiple seasons. I guess it’s time to finally watch Lost. And Heroes. I’m currently working through a show I’d never even heard about until last week. It’s a post apocalyptic show called Jericho, sort of in the vein of The Day After miniseries. A town in Kansas survives a nuclear attack and the troubles that appear afterwards, from disease and fire to out of control armed government contractors (a la Blackwater). I find it amazing the lengths networks will go to in their efforts to keep stuff off Youtube. Hats off to them though, it’s perfect for a geek with broadband and sporadic television watching habits.

2 thoughts on “Now That’s Cool

  1. santos.

    NBC won’t let you watch videos from non-US ISPs, and doesn’t consider Guam to be US. i find that ABC/MTV/CW generally work, but occasionally won’t let you view them; sometimes you can just circumvent that by just resetting your computer’s date/time to a US time zone. another good resource is surfthechannel(dot)com which finds uploaded videos across the web.

  2. Thomas Post author

    Yeah, I noticed that when I tried to watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica on – no love for the island peoples.

    I’ll have to try that surfchannel thing sometime.

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