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Friday Night Geekatron

Sorry, this is probably incredibly boring to most folks, but I just spent a large portion of Friday night monkeying around trying to get my Windows laptop to connect and print to my venerable Apple LaserWriter 4 600. It was not small feat; the LaserWriter only speaks Appletalk; a networking protocol unknown to the Windows machine. The LaserWriter is connected to the home network via a Localtalk to Ethernet bridge, the aging Ethermac iPrint Adapter from long extinct Farallon.

Thanks Mac Os X Hints for pointing me in the right direction. A little bit of editing to smb.conf and printers.conf on my iMac G5, turn on Samba and print sharing, download the Adobe PostScript print driver and voila, I am printing to my LaserWriter, something I have wanted to do for years and never thought possible without installing Dave or some other such Appletalk client.

And now I can go to bed a little geekier, and content in the knowledge that Macs are cool and I can print my boring spreadsheets and emails from the ThinkPad now.

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Someone Should Be Held Accountable Part Two

The federal court wrested control of Guam’s solid waste program from the Government of Guam on Monday, basically saying that GovGuam is not interested in closing Ordot dump and that the situation is spiraling out of control. Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood placed the solid waste operations in receivership and gave a Virginia company the go ahead to develop a new landfill and close the festering sore of the current landfill. She was scathing in her scorn for GovGuam, DPW and the Legislature.

So a new landfill is on the way. Unfortunately this receivership into the hands of a private firm means the costs will skyrocket, and those costs will of course be passed onto me and other Guam taxpayers. Joy. Another banner week for GovGuam ineptitude.

Someone Should Be Held Accountable

So the Attorney General ordered the closure of Southern High School last week, after visiting the campus and discovering numerous health and safety violations. If the school is not brought into habitable conditions over spring break this week, the school will remain closed while repairs continue. Just click on that link above and look at the picture of Southern’s swimming pool. It is rancid. And the thing is, Southern has always been this way, since it opened over a decade ago. That pool has always been that way, the football field has always been a wasteland, the toilets screwed up. That school is a disgrace.

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Palauan Hobbits

This one is just too cool to pass up. After evidence of small bodied humans appeared in Indonesia a few years ago, I got a series of comments regarding duendes, the mythical little people on Guam. I discounted them at first, but now little people just got a whole lot closer.
Anthropologists uncovered two caves in the Rock Islands of Palau with the remains of up to up to 25 people, all of which are of a comparable size with homo floresiensis from Indonesia. Yes, that’s right, little people in Micronesia. Holy taotaomona batman. Palau is sure a lot closer to Guam than Indonesia, which raises the probability that Guam had it’s own population of little people at some point in the past. Freaky deaky dude.