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  1. Steve

    I spent 5 plus years working for a Finnish company, and here are my observations. Unlike Americans, Fins have a very strong national identity. They love their country and are truly proud to be Fins. They want to make Finland the greatest country in the world, and the whole country is focused on doing so. Fins aspire to be all that they can be because it is for the greater good of Finland. Underacheivers are looked down upon as an embarrasment to the country. Unlike the US, a Fin would be truly humiliated to be a high school dropout. They would be unable to show their face in public. No one wants to be a failure in life and be compared to a Russian.

  2. Thomas Post author

    Steve, have you ever read Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon? There’s a good bit in there about how Finnish people have a long history of drinking dark coffee and despising Russians. Or something like that, it’s been eight years since I read that book. Maybe it’s time to pick it back up again…

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