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Last week we took Lorelei to the movies for the first time. No it wasn’t some kiddy movie, we saw 21, a rather boring film about card counters and gambling casinos. Kevin Spacey phoned in his performance, the young stars were a loathsome bunch, and I’m not exactly what Larry Fishburne was doing besides collecting a paycheck. Bleh.

Monday I rented a passel of videos. Monday night we watched Things We Lost In The Fire. Very good movie, powerful and depressing. Two thumbs up.

Last night we watched I Am Legend and Into The Wild. I Am Legend was okay. Funny how realistic yet fake the desolation of Manhattan seemed. And those vampire/zombies. Phony baloney. But not that bad for a blockbuster movie.

Into The Wild was very nice. I enjoyed it. I read Krakauer’s Outside article back in 19-forgotten, and the “Into the Wild” follow up book. Great movie. Great photography. Great music by Eddie Vedder. Cool. Check out this movie.

Tonight – well I will let you know.

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Check out the latest baby photos at Flickr:

My photostream has tons of photos of her, including this weekend’s festivities and shots of her napping with Daddy. She’s so cute, I just want to eat her up.

Sorry For the Constant Linkfest

Okay, I have not really been updating this blog lately. What can I say, life is pretty busy these days, and I am taking advantage of any free time to close my eyes and catch a nap.

And I’ve been monkeying around with the daily linkfest from lately. I think it looks rather ugly, and it has always looked ugly. Unfortunately, my two solutions both look ugly too. I guess I will just have to dive into the CSS and screw around with it until I find something I like.

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So gasoline hit $4.20 a gallon yesterday. That hurts. I’ve basically stopped driving my truck unless I really have to.