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Hello Firefox 3

Okay, I’ve been using Safari and/or Camino for the past couple weeks and they are both totally cool and functional programs. But I have to admit, I missed Firefox, despite the abysmal performance it gave after a few days of being open. Mostly I missed Adblock Plus and the almighty Filterset.G – I’ve got PithHelmet installed on Safari and CamiTools installed on Camino (oops, Camitools is no longer developed – how do I uninstall that now?), but neither was as extensive or configurable as Adblock Plus with Filterset.G.

So I downloaded the release candidate for Firefox 3 a couple weeks ago, and updated to the release version last week. It’s pretty nice. Spiffy look and much faster performance. I haven’t made the complete decision to jump back to Firefox yet, but it is looking good.

Domain Registration?

Well the transfer of my domains from Aplus to Dreamhost apparently started last Tuesday. At least, I haven’t received any failure messages. However, I have not received confirmation notices either, and this domain, along with a few others, expires in a few hours. I am in a bind. I guess I will have to renew with Aplus for another year, something I did not want to do. Crap. Or maybe I will just let the domains lapse and pick up the pieces afterwards. I don’t know, it’s been more of a pain in the ass than it should be, that’s for sure.

Its the Solstice Baby

Yeah, longest day of the year. From here on out, the days are getting shorter.

Spent the day at a funeral. It was hot. There was ham o’plenty, and we brought some home.

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Treo’s Back Down

Well that fix didn’t last very long. I guess the software patch is not particularly useful after all. It needs a hardware fix, which means I’m back to the Razr and the Treo gets sent to the back burner for now. Oh well, premature excitation about my phone after all folks.

The darn thing works, but there is a problem with the audio earphone jack. The phone thinks it is always plugged in and cuts off the speakerphone and regular receiver and microphone functions. This guy will fix it, but I have to ship it to Northern California. Sigh…

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Treo Resurrection

Well today was a good day. This afternoon my Treo came back from the dead. It bonked on me back in late January or early February; right around the time Lorelei was born. Luckily I had a spare Razr laying around I could swap the SIM card into, or else I would have been without a phone the last five months. But now I spent a bit of time monkeying around with the phone today, and it came back to life. Lord know how long before the speakerphone and volume drop off again, but for now I can enjoy my clunky, old Treo 650 again. Hurrah.

And yes, I still love my Treo 650 too, it’s been a good phone for me. Getting it back is like seeing an old friend again after too long an absence.

Rainy Season 2008

Well, I think I can say that rainy season arrived this year at 11:37 this morning. The intermittent squalls and rain showers of the past couple weeks was replaced with a storm that lasted two hours. That’s two hours of heavy rain. No wind, very little thunder, just a downpour of rain everywhere I went. I got back to the office a little while ago, and checked the Tiyan NOAA page and discovered the headline “Tropical Storm UPDATE” plastered across the top. Yep. Rainy season is here.

By the by, my little girl was frightened by the thunder.