Bye Bye Firefox?

Lately I’ve quit using Firefox on my Macs. I’ve been test driving Safari and Camino, and both are meeting my needs better than Firefox.

Make no mistake; Firefox is a great program, and the extensibility of the program is a wonderful feature. I love Adblock, but Pith Helmet provides nearly the same features for Safari and CamiTools has ad blocking too.

My biggest reason of ditching Firefox; speed. On my iBook G4, an admittedly venerable four year old machine, Firefox just slows to a crawl after a day or so of being open. I don’t know how other people operate, but I tend to keep my web browser open all the time, with different tabs for my web mail, calendar, bloglines and itsyourturn open all the time, along with an assortment of other pages I surf to during the day. Probably not the best workflow practice but I do love my tabs. And Firefox just grinds to a halt after a day or two of this use. I’ve worked this way for years, and only since Firefox went to version 2 has this happened. I understand there is a PowerPC G4 version out there in some corner of the internet, but it was a couple releases behind last time I checked.

And frankly Safari is really pretty cool now. Try searching in Safari; that’s just damn cool. And it works with most web sites, including Yahoo Mail, so for the past week I’ve been using it almost exclusively. I still had to shut it down and restart this afternoon however.

Nobody’s perfect I guess.