Daily Archives: 06/12/2008

The Domain Remains The Same

So my covey of domains are expiring next week. I’ve been trying for the last couple months to transfer the domain registrations away from Aplus.net my original web host, to Dreamhost, my current ultra-cool web host. I am hosting all the domains with Dreamhost for the last few years, and it has been a good experience. All I needed to do was switch the registrar from Aplus to Dreamhost. It has been nothing but a pain in the butt. Obviously Aplus has an interest in keeping me registered through them, since they charge a lot for the service. I’ve actually wanted to do this for a couple years, but everytime I think of it is when the time comes to renew. The problem this is the 60 buffer window all registrars impose on changing domain registrations between registrars. I renew the registrations then try to transfer, which invariably fails. I then forget about it until the next year. Well this year I turned off the auto renewal feature so I can transfer the domains, but Aplus has made it hard to finalize the move. I need an authorization code, but the code I get from them is not the code I need. Time is running out and this has gone on since April. Ugh.

Okay, time to log off and cease the rant.