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Treo Resurrection

Well today was a good day. This afternoon my Treo came back from the dead. It bonked on me back in late January or early February; right around the time Lorelei was born. Luckily I had a spare Razr laying around I could swap the SIM card into, or else I would have been without a phone the last five months. But now I spent a bit of time monkeying around with the phone today, and it came back to life. Lord know how long before the speakerphone and volume drop off again, but for now I can enjoy my clunky, old Treo 650 again. Hurrah.

And yes, I still love my Treo 650 too, it’s been a good phone for me. Getting it back is like seeing an old friend again after too long an absence.

Rainy Season 2008

Well, I think I can say that rainy season arrived this year at 11:37 this morning. The intermittent squalls and rain showers of the past couple weeks was replaced with a storm that lasted two hours. That’s two hours of heavy rain. No wind, very little thunder, just a downpour of rain everywhere I went. I got back to the office a little while ago, and checked the Tiyan NOAA page and discovered the headline “Tropical Storm UPDATE” plastered across the top. Yep. Rainy season is here.

By the by, my little girl was frightened by the thunder.